Laser Academy Training System by Mantis: A Complete Guide

The Laser Academy Training System from Mantis, available at CWAK, is an innovative solution for firearm training that leverages laser technology to provide real-time feedback and detailed analytics. This guide will cover all aspects of the Laser Academy Training System, including its features, setup, usage, and benefits.

Introduction to Laser Academy Training System:

The Laser Academy Training System is designed to enhance shooting skills through dry fire practice. It uses laser cartridges and smart targets to simulate real shooting scenarios, providing immediate feedback and performance analysis via a smartphone app.

Key Features:

  • Laser Cartridges: Simulate live fire by emitting a laser beam upon trigger pull.
  • Smart Targets: Designed to work with the laser cartridges and the app to track shots and provide feedback.
  • Mantis Laser Academy App: Offers a variety of drills and training modes, along with real-time feedback and analytics.
  • Portable Setup: Easy to set up and use anywhere, providing flexibility for practice sessions.
  • Cost-Effective Training: Reduces the need for live ammunition, making training more affordable.

Setting Up the Laser Academy Training System:

  • Unboxing: The package includes laser cartridges, smart targets, a phone stand, and a quick start guide.
  • Choosing the Right Laser Cartridge: Select the appropriate caliber laser cartridge for your firearm (available in multiple calibers).
  • Installing the Laser Cartridge: Insert the laser cartridge into the chamber of your firearm.
  • Setting Up Smart Targets: Place the smart targets at varying distances and positions to simulate different shooting scenarios.
  • Connecting to the App: Download the Mantis Laser Academy app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions to pair it with the laser cartridge.

Using the Laser Academy App:

  • Creating a Profile: Set up a user profile to track your progress and save your performance data.
  • Selecting a Training Mode: Choose from a variety of training modes, including precision shooting, speed drills, and tactical scenarios.
  • Starting a Session: Begin a training session by selecting the desired mode and following the on-screen instructions.
  • Reviewing Data: After each session, review detailed analytics on shot placement, reaction time, and overall performance.

Training Modes:

  • Precision Drills: Focus on accuracy by shooting at small targets or specific areas on the smart targets.
  • Speed Drills: Improve shooting speed by timing how quickly you can hit multiple targets.
  • Tactical Scenarios: Simulate real-life shooting situations to practice decision-making and target engagement.
  • Challenge Modes: Compete against yourself or others in various shooting challenges to test and improve your skills.

Data Interpretation:

  • Shot Accuracy: The app displays shot placement on the targets, helping identify accuracy issues.
  • Reaction Time: Measures the time taken to react and shoot, useful for improving speed and reflexes.
  • Hit Patterns: Visualizes the distribution of shots to help understand shooting tendencies.
  • Performance Metrics: Tracks various performance metrics over time, enabling you to monitor progress and set goals.

Advanced Features:

  • Custom Drills: Create and save personalized drills tailored to specific training objectives.
  • Historical Data: Access and review past sessions to analyze progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Group Training: Participate in group training sessions to compare performance and learn from others.
  • Virtual Coaching: Receive tips and guidance from virtual coaches within the app based on your performance data.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep the laser cartridges and smart targets clean for optimal performance.
  • Battery Management: Ensure the laser cartridges are charged and replace batteries as needed.
  • App Updates: Regularly update the Mantis Laser Academy app to access new features and improvements.
  • Troubleshooting: Refer to the quick start guide or the app’s troubleshooting section for common issues and solutions.

Benefits of Using the Laser Academy Training System:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Provides detailed feedback to help shooters refine their techniques and improve accuracy.
  • Consistent Training: Promotes consistent practice habits, leading to better overall performance.
  • Cost Savings: Dry fire practice with laser cartridges reduces the need for expensive ammunition.
  • Versatility: Suitable for use with a wide range of firearms and training environments.
  • Convenience: Portable and easy to set up, allowing for training sessions at home or on the go.

Testimonials and User Experiences:

Users of the Laser Academy Training System report significant improvements in their shooting skills. Testimonials often highlight the system’s ease of use, the valuable insights provided by the app, and the cost savings compared to traditional live fire training.

Buying Guide:

  • Where to Buy: Available from CWAK’s official website and other authorized retailers.
  • Price Range: Typically priced between $149 to $199, depending on the package and any available promotions.
  • Warranty and Support: Comes with a one-year warranty and customer support from Mantis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the Laser Academy Training System easy to use?
    Yes, the system is designed for ease of use. The setup process is straightforward, and the app provides intuitive guidance.
  • Can the Laser Academy Training System be used with any firearm?
    The system is compatible with most firearms, provided you select the appropriate caliber laser cartridge.
  • How does the Laser Academy Training System help improve shooting skills?
    By providing real-time feedback and detailed analytics, the system helps shooters identify and correct errors, leading to improved accuracy and performance.

Comparison with Other Training Systems:

  • Mantis X10: The Mantis X10 offers more comprehensive feedback for various firearms, including live fire and archery. The Laser Academy focuses specifically on dry fire training with laser technology.
  • Traditional Dry Fire: Unlike traditional dry fire practice, the Laser Academy provides real-time feedback and analytics, making training more effective and engaging.


The Laser Academy Training System from Mantis, available at CWAK, is an essential tool for shooters looking to enhance their skills through realistic and data-driven practice. Its innovative design, real-time feedback, and versatile training modes make it suitable for all levels of shooters. Whether practicing at home or on the go, the Laser Academy provides the insights needed to elevate shooting performance. By incorporating the Laser Academy Training System into your training regimen, you can achieve greater accuracy, consistency, and confidence in your shooting abilities. This guide provides all the information needed to get started with the Laser Academy and make the most of its advanced features.

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